meet our


Linzay Davis

Parental Leave Expert

Founder of The Park Consulting

Chelsea Markham

Nutritional Therapy &

Gut Health Practitioner

Founder of Markham Method

Jenn Krieg

Board Certified Health Practitioner Founder of Momma Renew

dee komaromi

Founder of Kids Money Academy where she helps parents raise money-smart kids.

Daniela Ghiglieri

Founder of

Emerald Consulting Firm


Diana LunzER

Marketing & Notion Consultant for Growing Businesses

Kelsey erickson

Intuitive Leadership by Human Design

courtney Pettaway

Building her brand &

creative outlet

Connie Betz

Virtual Assistant & Travel Advisor

Yana Abazher

Building Creator Economy Founder & CEO of Templify App

Content Creation Hacks

Cecilia Amato

Founder of Amato Creative Pinterest Marketing Agency For Wellness Brands

Lynn debilzen

Podcast host, community builder, coach for highly sensitives

Danielle nicole

Founder of Day One Creative

Freelance Digital Designer

Ayana rae

Founder of Creative Haus Studio

Content Creator

Social Media Manager

Lex lewis

Angel Investor, Founder, Operations & Strategy Professional

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